When I think of Istanbul, I think of my childhood.

This ancient city took up almost a chapter in our grade school textbook, and as someone who grew up fascinated with history, it certainly made an impression early on. I remember how I studied its days as Constantinople and its significance as a center of trade and cultural diffusion in the region. I remember sleepless nights of memorizing the important dates that marked the rise and fall of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. I remember trying to wrap my head around the Silk road and its role in medieval Europe.

Back then, I had no idea I would be a traveler. I was raised thinking that travel is a luxury, something enjoyed only by the rich. but I remember making a deal with my young self that I would someday see the city, its landmarks, historic sites and relics depicted in our books.

As I stood by the fountain at the Sultan Ahmet Park in between the blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, I wallowed in a sense of accomplishment knowing that a bucket list item had been ticked.

Truly, it is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. She is one of those with a lot of soul, somebody who has been through a lot and has a globe of stories to tell.

Что освещено в этом руководстве?

Istanbul: What You need to Know
When is the best Time to visit Istanbul?
How to get a Turkish Visa
How to get to IstanbulHow to get from Ataturk airport to Istanbul City Center
How to get from Sabiha Gökçen airport to Istanbul City Center

Where to stay in IstanbulBest budget hotels in Istanbul
Best Istanbul HostelsSearch for more: Istanbul Hotels

How to get around IstanbulBy taxi
By Metro, Tram, Funicular, Ferry

Places to visit in IstanbulSultanahmet Area
Topkapi Palace
Watch a Whirling Dervishes Ceremony
Bosphorus Cruise
Traditional Turkish bath (Hamam)
Spice exposition (Mısır Çarşısı)
Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi)
Other Istanbul tourist Spots:

Sample Istanbul itinerary & Breakdown of Expenses
Other tips for the poor Traveler
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Istanbul: What You need to Know

Istanbul is the poster city of a borderless world. It is where Asia sits down with Europe by the Bosphorus for an enjoyable a cup of tea. It is where east meets West for a passionate endless dance. It is where the past mingles with the present to have a conversation about the future. It is a city drenched in a multitude of colors, and things are hardly black or white.

It is perhaps this strategic location that made Istanbul one of the greatest cities in centuries past. It’s no wonder that its biggest pull is its stunning history, showcased in many of its tourist spots. The Sultanahmet area alone is brimming with awe-inspiring landmarks that boast incredible Byzantine and Ottoman architecture and unique cultural traditions.

Vins, all smiles while we walk around Istanbul
Today, contrary to popular belief, Istanbul is NOT the capital of Turkey. The distinction is now owned by Ankara. but although it is no longer the seat of power, it remains the cultural and economic center, and the most populous in the country, with almost 15 million residents.

Here’s more info about Istanbul:

Language: Turkish. It’s not as intimidating because they use the familiar Latin alphabet. English is also widely spoken, too.

Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY, TL, ₺). TL1 = USD 0.26, EUR 0.22, PHP13.35 (as of November 2017). Some establishments accept the euro, but it would be best to pay in lira because the euro rate is usually costlier. There are a lot of money changers around the city, often concentrated in the Grand Bazaar, Sultanahmet, and Taksim areas. The difference in rates isn’t much, to be honest, but feel free to compare. You can also withdraw from ATMs.

Modes of payment: Cash. Although some restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, public transportation and smaller establishments accept only cash.

Безопасность. outside our textbooks, at least in this part of the world, we only hear about Istanbul in the news. Unfortunately, the city has suffered from a number of terrorist attacks over the past few years. (In fact, our first visit happened just a week after the Sultanahmet bombing in 2016.) Naturally, our followers who also dream of Istanbul are concerned about safety. We always get questions on whether or not it is safe to visit. Our answer has always been the same: Personally, these attacks don’t stop us from traveling to a city because fear is what they want to get out of it. (Our only exception is war zones.) However, that’s just us. We don’t want to encourage or discourage anyone. listen to your embassy’s advisory at the time, and consider your insurance coverage. but ultimately, make that decision for yourself. but always be vigilant wherever you choose to travel.

Electricity Info: 220V, 50Hz. Socket type F. It’s the socket that is indented into the wall and accepts plugs with two round prongs.

When is the best Time to visit Istanbul?Istanbul enjoys all the four seasons. Weather-wise, April to August is the perfect time to visit because it is during this period that the skies are usually clear and the city gets the least rainfall, with July being the driest. However, as soon as summer kicks in, the city gets packed with tourists. June-August is the peak season so expect the crowds to be big and the rates high.

The autumn months of September to November are great too, The temperature is comfortable and the crowd manageable, but prepare for rain showers every now and then.

December to February is winter and off-peak. It is here that airfares and hotel rates go down, which is something you can take advantage of if you’re a budget traveler. winter here is cold, yes, but not harsh. We were here in the first two weeks of February and we found the weather to be delightful. It drizzled a little but nothing major.

Because it stands in between two bodies of water, Istanbul is also pretty windy, which can sometimes intensify the cold.

How to get a Turkish Visa

If you have a valid visa or residence permit from the US, UK, Ireland or any Schengen country, you may apply for a visa online (e-visa). It’s fast and easy.

More info here: Turkey Visa Online

Here are the requirements:

Valid passport that covers your travel period. (In PH case, your passport must also have at least 6-month validity.)

A return or onward ticket.

Proof of accommodation (hotel reservation).

Funds of at least USD 50 per day of your stay in Turkey.

Valid supporting visa

If you’re not holding a valid visa from any of the mentioned countries, you will have to apply for a physical sticker visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate in your area. The application starts by filling out this form: Turkey Visa Application Form.

How to get to Istanbul

Istanbul is served by two airports: Istanbul Atatürk airport in the European side and Sabiha Gökçen airport in the Asian-Anatolian side. more flights fly in and out of Ataturk, as it is considered the city’s main gateway. It’s also much closer to the city center than Sabiha Gökçen.

If you’re traveling from outside Europe, there’s a big chance that the cheapest direct flights to Istanbul from your area are offered by Turkish Airlines, the country’s flag carrier. Turkish Airlines is connected to 120 countries, more than any other airline in the world.

From Manila, the cheapest nonstop flights are offered by Philippine Airlines (but this particular flight is also operated by Turkish Airlines). regular year-round fares are at USD940 (PHP 48,000). It can still drop when there is a sale or promo. Qatar Airways also offers competitive rates at USD920 (PHP 47,000) but it has one stop in Doha, Qatar.

From Singapore, the cheapest option is to fly to Athens with Scoot and then transfer to Turkish Airlines to Istanbul. combined fares are just at USD 580 (SGD 790). However, because you will be switching airlines in Greece, which is part of the Schengen area, there might be a need to get a Schengen visa, unless you’re holding a Singapore passport. Turkish Airlines offer the cheapest nonstop flights at USD 700 (SGD 950). Emirates and Qatar are also great choices at around USD 630 (SGD 860) with a stop in Dubai and Doha respectively.

From Jakarta, the best non-stop flight is offered by Garuda (operated by Turkish Airlines) at USD 1266. but the cheapest option is from Saudia at USD 850, but it involves a stop in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

From Hong Kong, the cheapest flights are offered by Aeroflot (with a stop in Moscow) at USD 515 (HKD 4020). but the best direct flights are with Turkish Airlines at USD 970 (HKD 7600).

If you want to be notified when there are cheaper flights to Istanbul, download the Traveloka app and set up the price ALERT for Istanbul. The app will let you know when there is a sale or flights that fall within your preferred price range.

Download the app here

How to get from Ataturk airport to Istanbul City Center

Ataturk airport is located 30-40 minutes from Istanbul’s city center, but like many big cities, traffic jams are common, so the journey can be longer. To get to the city center, you may take a cab, the bus, or the metro/subway.

На такси. You’ll find the taxi queue right outside the Arrivals area. It’s the costliest option. The fare to Taksim is between 50-55 TL. To Sultanahmet, 65-70 TL. but if you’re a group of 4, this isn’t bad at all. just be wary of taxi scams, which I will be discussing more of below.

By HAVABÜS (formerly called Havatas Bus). This is the airport shuttle Service, and one bus leaves the airport for Taksim Square every 30 minutes from 4am until 1am. Fare: 11TL. The bus terminates at Taksim Square. If your hotel is in Sultanahmet, you may take a cab to Sultanahmet, which should cost an additional 12 TL. Or you can walk and take the F1 Taksim-Kabataş funicular, then the T1 Kabataş-Bağcılar tram to Sultanahmet Station.

By Metro/Subway + Tram. From the Arrivals area, follow the signsна станцию ​​метро и возьмите линию аэропорта M1a Yenikapı – Atatürk. Он работает с 6 утра до 12 минут. Однако, если ваш отель находится в районе Sultanahmet или Taksim, вам придется переключиться на линию трамвая/фуникуляр на станции Zeytinburnu или Aksaray. (Проверьте карту ниже.) Эта опция отличная, если вы не несете больших сумков. В противном случае, это может довольно хлопотно, поскольку в определенное время он может быть переполнен и сначала сбивает с толку.

Во время нашего визита мы много использовали Uber, потому что мы были группой, поэтому мы просто разделили стоимость. Это закончилось дешево и удобно. Но это было до того, как служба была запрещена турецкими властями в конце прошлого года. Я не уверен, что это работает сейчас или какая -либо из альтернатив настолько надежна.

Как добраться из аэропорта Сабиха Гекен в центр города Стамбул

Аэропорт Сабиха Гекен находится намного дальше в азиатскую сторону. Путешествие может занять около 90 минут.

На такси. Только из -за огромного расстояния поездки на такси стоят дорого. Тариф может быть до 115 TL до Taksim или 125-130 TL для султанахмета.

Хавабус (автобус Хаваташ). Работает с 4 утра до 1 утра. Проезд на площадь Таксим: 14 тл.

Если ваш отель находится в Sultanahmet, вы можете взять Хавабус в Таксим и взять такси в Султанахмет, что должно стоить еще 12 TL. Существует более дешевый путь (метро/трамвай/пароль), но поскольку вы, вероятно, несете тяжелые сумки, и вы еще не знаком с городом, я предлагаю взять такси.

Где остановиться в Стамбуле

Прежде чем выбрать отель или общежитие, крайне важно, чтобы вы знали географию города, чтобы вы знали, что находитесь в правильном районе. Макет Стамбула интересен и уникален, если не сказать больше. Город переходит на два континента. Пролив Босфор, соединяющий Черное море на севере и море Мармара на юге, разрезает город пополам: одна половина в Европе, другая в Азии. Европейская сторона также почти разделена на крупный вход, называемый Золотым Рогом. Смущенный? Вот как это выглядит.

Стамбул имеет в общей сложности 39 районов. Но для туристических целей давайте просто сосредоточимся на четырех ключевых областях.

Азиатская сторона. в основном жилой. Из -за высокой стоимости аренды на европейской стороне Босфор, многие местные жители предпочитают остаться здесь. Хотя это всегда отличная идея, я не рекомендую оставаться здесь на туристах, потому что большинство интересных мест находятся на европейской половине.

Султанахмет. Часто называемый Старым городом, это в районе под названием Фатих, к югу от Золотого Рога. Многие из знаковых сооружений и достопримечательностей города находятся здесь: Хагия София, Голубая мечеть и Гранд -Базар, среди прочих. Здесь есть несколько отелей и общежитий.

Бейоглу (Галата). Напротив Фатих, на другой стороне Золотого Рога, находится район Бейоглу. Как и Sultanahmet, он питает многие из городских туристических достопримечательностей, включая площадь Таксим, Истиклал Каддези и Башню Галата, доминирующие в горизонте этого района. Эта область имеет наибольшую концентрацию приспособлений.

Новый Стамбул и Босфор. Дальнейшие на севере еще четыре района: Бешикташ, Кагифан, Шишли и Сарийер. Здесь Стамбул становится современным и немного вычурным. В центре этого находится центральный деловой район города, окруженный некоторыми красивыми богемными районами. Несмотря на то, что по всей территории разбросаны несколько отелей и общежитий, немного далеко от ключевых достопримечательностей.

Где остановиться, зависит от вашего маршрута. Если вы планируете провести больше времени в историческом ядре города, забронируйте место в Фатих (Султанахмет). Если вы копаете занятость Галаты, отправляйтесь на Бейоглу. Или, если вы хотите более современную атмосферу, оставайтесь в новом городе.

Но лично, если я вернусь в Стамбул, я обязательно останусь в районе Султанахмет.

Лучшие бюджетные отели в Стамбуле

Sultanahmet Suites – Apartments – главная собственность в соответствии с обзорами и рейтингами онлайн -пользователей. Квартиры расположены в районе Султанахмет, где стоят большинство ключевых туристических мест. Есть с

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